Today me and a mate were just chilling and we see this dude in a firetruck, we decide it would be funny to blow the shit out of him so I pop his tyres and then we blow it up, it was fun. Then this dude drove past shooting us so we stuck sticky bombs on his car and blew it up. This went on for a while me and him blowing the shit out of people, destroying there personal vehicles and then paying for the repairs and then my mate gets a cone on his head and now he cant play with any of his mates cause he can only play with "bad sports". I think R* made a mistake with this cause GTA is meant for killing, robbing, drugs and making destruction and now you can't do that without being penalized by becoming a "bad sport" and then not being able to play with friends and all that. It's really stupid I think!

On the plus side my mate told me that because of all the mistakes that R* had with the servers and the bugs that came with it, that everyone will be receiving $500,000 Apartment here I come!