So as you probably know; Certain iOS devices were not included with the iOS 7 update (touch 4g, Phone 3GS i believe, and older) which will mean that some apps will be unavailable for download/update soon maybe?

First is the games for the iOS device. I have a Touch 4g and i own a bunch of games for my iDevice. i was going to download some games like Call of Mini: Zombies 2 and Call of duty: Strike Team (i think that is the team) and when i read the description; i noticed only the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, iPod touch 5g was only supported and none other that were older.
I wouldnt be surprised that this is happening to games of course because of the graphics capability, processor, etc.

But will this mean that other apps that we actually use (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.) Might be unavailable like the much older devices? Of course they already started with the themes and all, but maybe they will include stuff only for the new devices, and the 4g's< will become outdated possibly.

So if you do not own a iDevice and are looking to get one, i would probably get a iPod 5, iPhone 5, iPad 4, whichever. im ditching my 4g for a 5g soon so i can get shit lls. Thought this might interest those who do not know so. Its a theory for right now that may be a reality in the future