Well I will be starting Raffle Elimination Of The Week

This week will begin ROTW and it will start out with a satisfaction prize. Depending on how many entries I get will depend if there is a 2nd one. Now the way it works is simple(Here is a week Schedule):
Monday-Wednesday: Entries
Thursday-Friday: Elimination(To get to the top 3)
Saturday:The vote for who will be that last eliminated.
Sunday:The person with the least amount of votes from saturday wins.

Then this will cycle, I am looking at maybe 100 points for a prize for week 2 and more up as it will go.

If the admins let me, we will start with a gambling game. The way that would work is everyone who enters would buy a *Virtual Ticket* for 100 points and it would raffle off. So say 10 people play, thats 1,000 points, the winner will recieve 1,000 points, and the losers get -100. For their ticket.

So right now this is open to a group discussion, please comment what you think should be added, if this is a good contest etc.

Thank you.