So a lot of this revolves around Einsteins theory of relativity, and how time works from human understanding.

So we know that Time dilation is a real thing. If we synchronize watches, and I go into space a orbit the earth at a thousands of miles per hour and come down, my watch would have been 0.0000002 seconds faster, or something like that. So if you travel at the speed of light you travel through time much much faster than on earth. So time = speed of motion

What about traveling backwards?? Well you can't really undo motion...or can you?? Everything that builds this universe has an opposite (electrons and positrons, matter and antimatter) so what if there was an anti-time?? What would happen if these two forces met?? Would time stop and cease to exist like matter and it's counterpart.

If time is different depending on your motion then could there be pockets where time does not exist where there is no motion. Probably not assuming that the universe is ever expanding therefore is forever in motion. But if it we're to stop, then time would stand still as well, at least in patches around the universe where there is no motion and start again if you enter that space. So if this we're true then time is relative to space but space isn't relative to time.

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