here's the method to store and insure the tank on Grand Theft Auto Online. there's a lot of glitchwork here, but the following principles are at play. 1. you need to be in the "animation-activation area" of your garage without having any animation occur. this is the area that immediately triggers the garage door to open. 2. "teleporting" inside the vehicle. when the area used to access the vehicle is blocked, the character will teleport inside. as theres only one way to get inside the tank and its from the "drivers" side you need to block this entrance off in order to glitch inside.


i. multi-car garage (10-car tested)
ii. cheap, insured car to completely destroy. needs tracker and insurance

1. i would propose one of the most important elements is to be in a private/crew/friend server, so you dont get any jewbronies trying to outswag you. (the use of the word swag in any context is complete satire.)

2. Acquire a tank. methods are the following three ways.
a. buy that shit.
b. fly it out of the military base with a cargobob
c. mission-dupe it

3. goto garage. no reports as to why this wouldnt work on any garage, but the 10 car garages have a small wall to block the vehicle entrance, which is how we get this to work.

4. pull up to the garage door, turn the turret to face the rear of the vehicle, and pull in on the left hand side, leaving as little room as possible between the wall and the tank. if say this is your garage, wall->|[__door___], then you want the tank {tank} in this position wall ->|[{tank}__door____] I'm guessing that if you don't have the wall there, its either possible to block the side with another vehicle or just try try try try until it works without it. if youre still unsure of where to position the tank, get in a server and take your ass to the 400k apartment and look firsthand.

NOTE: Steps 5 & 6 are interchangable

5. exit the vehicle, but do not touch the ground. if you are in the correct position your character cannot exit to the ground so he will just stand on the top of the tank.

6. pull out your phone and call simeon (the phone screen prevents the animation from activating so who you call isnt important but simeon is easiest by pressing up on the contacts screen. LEAVE THE JOB REQUEST SCREEN UP!

7. Hop off the tank onto the ground and stand directly beside the tank facing the garage. so in order from the left you have wall-tank-you-then the rest of the garage door.

8. This step is the glitch and may need to be repeated until successful. You have to cancel simeon's job request screen while entering the vehicle. reports include "rolling" the buttons, "combo-ing" the buttons, or a "1-2 combo" but the basics are that you are canceling the screen and entering the tank by teleporting inside it. i would suggest just spacing out the intervals between presses until you get it just right, thats what i did. you just have to be quick and just right. (i know that doesnt really help, but its the best description out there as no one can accurately time it)

if you are having problems here watch a video, it may help.

9. once the tank is inside the garage, get in your sacrificial car and drive it outside around the corner and blow it up. i say around the corner because you will get stars for exploding shit so you don't want all this going down in your driveway. i suggest driving it half a block away, throwing a sticky on it, going back inside your garage and detonating it from inside.

10. get inside the vehicle in your garage you now want to insure, in this case the tank. DO NOT DRIVE OUT YET.

11. pull out your phone and dial MORS MUTUAL INSURANCE (the insurance company.) it will bring up another screen prompting you to select the vehicle you want to pay to replace. Highlight the vehicle you just destroyed, DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS.

12. you should now be inside your garage, inside the tank with the insurance screen up in the top left corner with the vehicle you just destroyed highlighted.

Note: once the tank is inside your garage you will not lose it unless it's destroyed, so if you have problems glitching the insurance then just keep resetting your garage (respawning inside property, change server, kill yourself, etc) until you get this right.

13. THIS IS THE INSURANCE GLITCH. in this sequence you are going to drive out of the garage, wait for the screen to go black while it prepares to load the map and animation sequences and hit x to replace the car, pause the menu, & run the store glitch. sequence is as follows.
a. begin to pull out with insurance menu up.
b. screen will FADE to black
c. once screen is fully black, wail repeatedly on x while it loads.
d. you should see the confirmation from MORS while the animation is still loading
e. precisely when the animation loads and you see the door open, press the start button to bring up the pause menu. hit L1 to move left on the menu to the playstation store, press x and x again to load the store.
f. once the store screen loads completely and you see the red credit card then hit circle to cancel out of the menu and back to the game.

if done correctly, stops 14 & 15 are unnecessary. you should have the tank insured now so it doesnt matter what happens next, but error reports vary, so as a good rule of advice i suggest just following them.

14. you should now have spawned your tank outside with insurance. you will need to get it back inside your garage. call your mechanic and have him drop you off another vehicle. he will take the tank back to the garage for you. this step is not 100% necessary, it's still a good idea after all the work you just did.

15. go back into garage and verify that its still there. you might end up with two tanks, once insured and one thats not if you had available space inside your garage. just blow that one up or replace it to remove it permanently. this step is not 100% necessary, it's still a good idea after all the work you just did.

16. enjoy, your tank is now a personal vehicle.

you can now begin missions in it and have the mechanic deliver it to you. if there's a jackass terrorizing the server in a tank you can take him out in it or he might destroy your personal vehicle, sending him closer/into the bad sport lobby. keep in mind a popular method to combat tanks is to go arab on them and ram your personal vehicle into them, watch out for those assholes if you start to joyride.

if you are having troubles with any step feel free to post about them, but chances are a youtube video and a little patience is all you need.