Let me try and inspire you.
Follow me here.
There's this old man.
He changed my life you see.
He taught me a lesson.
He taught me a lesson on how to be successful in life.
He taught me how to set goals.
It sounds silly right?
How can telling someone to set some goals, change a life?
He taught me more than how to just goals though.
He showed me how to accomplish those goals.
Big deal right?
It was a big deal.
It is a big deal.
He taught me how to achieve the impossible goals in life.
The goals that we tell ourselves we cannot achieve.
The goals that we fool ourselves into believing we cannot achieve.
It is true, that some goals no matter how hard we try that we will never achieve them.
You will never be able to fly.
Not without the aid of some sort of aircraft.
There are goals that we can achieve that we fool ourselves into believing we cannot.
Remember that class you failed, that test you failed, that game you failed, or that lost ambition you gave up on?
The failure you blamed on someone else or thought you could never do for whatever reason.
It's your fault.
Every failure in your life is your fault.
No one else is to blame except yourself for.
No one else can make you achieve more but yourself.
You could have passed if you tried harder.
Slept less, studied more, played less video games.
You could have won that fight.
If you ate less junk food, got into the weight room more, and practiced harder.
You want to be a millionaire?
Maybe a billionaire?
Get off your ass.
No one else is going to make you.
It's up to you to make that choice.
This old man taught me how to fight for myself.
He taught me that when you're beaten down into the ground.
When you're nothing but a bloody pulp.
When you see the light fading.
Just when you are about to give up.
When all your strength has left you.
When I was about to give up everything I had fought for.
Everything I had trained for.
All the sweat, blood, and tears I had put into my life.
He showed me how to dig.
Dig deeper into the monster that makes us each unique.
He showed me how to stand up to other monsters.
To the other monsters with the same goals.
He showed me how to bring out my strength.
What I am truly capable of.
We're all capable of feats far above our self doubt.
Everyone has a monster inside of them that they hide from the world because they are afraid of it.
Let it out.
What are you afraid of?
Not being accepted?
Stick your middle finger up to the world.
Fuck the world.
It wants to see you fail.
One less person to compete with.
Don't let anyone hold you down.
Don't let your failures hold you down.
When all hope is lost.
Remember all your failures.
Remember all your loses to the world.
Remember the family and friends you've lost.
Remember all the time you've lost training yourself.
Now remember why you're fighting.
You are not alone.
You're fighting for the people who gave up on you.
You're fighting for the people who thought you were a lost cause.
You're fighting every failure you've ever done.
Remember all the people who have supported you through your entire life.
Remember all the successes you've ever had.
Remember all the diversity you've overcome.
Remember someone cares.
Remember all the heroes you've had.
Be someone's hero.
Everyone that ever told you couldn't or you shouldn't.
You're standing on your own two feet to show the world how powerful really are.
Prove them wrong.
You're not a failure.
After all it's up to you.