Okay guys, this is pretty awesome that I came up with.

I don't know if anyone else has thought of this or what, but I've made a OTG cable for my Galaxy S III so I could plug in external flashdrives and transfer files without the use of a computer.

Now I downloaded most of my PSP games on my phone because I can carry it all around with me, and I could transfer the games if I had a computer with me. But with the OTG cable, fuck that shit.

Plug the fucking PSP right into my phone, turn USB transfer on the PSP, your phone will say a new SD card has been inserted, and you will be able to access the files on the internal memory stick in the PSP via your phone. You are able to read/write files now directly to your PSP with no PC.

This helps me because I have a 4gb memory stick pro duo w.e in my PSP, and a 32gb micro SD card in my phone. So putting a lot of games on my PSP is bit of a task when you don't have much space.

I'll post pics of the cable I made later, but what you have to do is make a USB A FEMALE <-> FEMALE adapter, then get a data cable for your phone and jump the 4th and 5th pins (ID and ground so your phone will send power the USB and read the USB).

You can search about making the OTG cable also, there are a few good guides out there on the internet.

I'm really digging this OTG cable for my PSP though, it's awesome downloading PSP games on 4G and transferring them, then playing them.