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    Default [SC7E52] *Working Codes* I Use

    Here are the codes I pulled together and I honestly love them, These are all worked as of 3+15 Originally and will not be patched anytime.

    Call Of Duty Black Ops
    Public: Infinite CoD Points [[email protected]]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    42000000 92000000
    053C8D9C FFFFFFF7
    E0000000 80008000
    *Gives you Unlimited Cod Points, Buy stuff and your Cod Points wont go down
    Public: Level 50 [[email protected]]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    42000000 92000000
    053C9118 00000010
    053C911C 03000040
    053C9120 3A340140
    E0000000 80008000
    *Makes you Level 50
    Public: 15th Prestige [[email protected]]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    42000000 92000000
    013C9117 000000F0
    E0000000 80008000
    *Makes you 15th Prestige
    Unlimited Invites [Mitch]
    054B6668 00000000
    *Unlimited Invites, dont have to wait 30 seconds to invite the same person
    Enemy Names Always Show[[email protected]]
    054C6BB8 495BBA00
    054C6AD8 00000000
    054C6C98 01000000
    *Put Your Cursor On Someone And It Will Always Show that persons name
    Normal Bullet Tracers
    054C28A8 3F800000
    054C2918 40C80000
    054C2988 44BB8000
    054C29F8 43C80000
    *Bullets have white lines following them
    Twisty Bullet Tracers [Mitch]
    054C28A8 77FFFFFF
    054C2918 4C000000
    054C2988 40800000
    054C29F8 44000000
    054C2C98 40400000
    054C2AD8 40A00000
    *Bullets have white spinning lines following them
    Commando Pro/ Super Knife Lunge [MAstErQ9999]
    28200EE0 00008000
    054CD038 01000000
    054CD0A8 01000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Knifing lunges 10 steps ahead
    *Not Sure what commando pro does
    3rd Person Mode
    28200FA0 00008000
    054C2F38 01000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *View yourself in 3rd person view, press home again to deactivate
    ADS Multiplier [Aids]
    054A91c8 42000000
    No Fall Damage
    054CA8D8 5B9FDF43
    *Fall from any height and you wont die, If you jump off the map you will die.
    ADD Ammo Shooting Host Only [HAXZing TERR0RIST]
    043B0988 7C003A15
    *Shoot to Add Ammo, 
    Fast Restart CCP [Haxzing Terror]
    42000000 90000000
    061617AA 00000030
    49CCC9E1 E5E2E502
    31159CC3 3D3DE37D
    3DFD4283 1594D212
    8B4BE28B 528B4B12
    8B4A9400 312F0E32
    081617D8 00000000
    217D0001 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *While In Game Switch controls to "zero" button layout
    *Press "minus (-)" on the CCP
    *NOTE: you cannot use the zero button layout to shoot, through flash grenades, etc.
    Unlimited Blackbird [[email protected]]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    054C3FD8 00000000
    054C5938 00000000
    054C7068 00000000
    054C4198 01000000
    054C70D8 01000000
    054C6F18 01000000
    054C71B8 01000000
    0552B2D0 00006C80
    054C60A8 3A83126F
    054C6118 3FC00000
    054C59A8 3FC00000
    054C6F88 47C34F80
    054C6FF8 47C34F80
    054C61F8 47C34F80
    054C40B8 495BBA00
    E0000000 80008000
    *Your UAV is always on but uses BlackBird instead of Red Dots
    Highlight Enemy Orange [Hetoan2]
    214EB1F4 0000000C
    C0000000 00000022
    9421FFB0 BDC10008
    7DC802A6 41820004
    48000011 43300000
    80000000 437F0000
    7DE802A6 CA0F0000
    C1EF0008 3F008144
    6318BF60 3AE00000
    3A8000F0 3AA00023
    3AC00011 DA01FFF8
    6E948000 9281FFFC
    CA81FFF8 FE948028
    FE947824 DA01FFF8
    6EB58000 92A1FFFC
    CAA1FFF8 FEB58028
    FEB57824 DA01FFF8
    6ED68000 92C1FFFC
    CAC1FFF8 FED68028
    FED67824 3AF70001
    D2980000 D2B80010
    D2D80020 3B180078
    2C170009 4180FF94
    3E208165 62316000
    C2F10004 C3110008
    FEF7C02A 48000010
    C2F10004 C3110008
    FEF7C028 C311000C
    C3310010 FC17C040
    40810014 FC17C840
    40800014 D2F10004
    48000010 D3110004
    48000008 D3310004
    7DC803A6 B9C10008
    38210050 4E800020
    60000000 00000000
    *Players are all in orange, very easy to spot campers
    World's Best God Mode [Jedi HaCk/B.M.O]
    28200FA0 00008000
    04AA4D44 000000FF
    04AA4D48 000000FF
    04AA4DA4 000000FF
    04AA4DC8 000000FF
    04AA4E4C 000000FF
    E0000000 80008000
    *You God Mode For EVERYTHING, You Can Even Jump Out Of Maps Without Dying.
    Multiplayer Killstreak Editor [[email protected]]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    C0000000 00000017
    3D80933C 618C08FE
    896C0000 716B00F0
    2C0B0000 4082009C
    896C0001 716B000F
    2C0B0008 4082008C
    896C0001 716B00F0
    2C0B0010 4082007C
    896C0002 716B000F
    2C0B0008 4082006C
    896C0002 716B00F0
    2C0B0010 4082005C
    896C0003 716B000F
    2C0B0008 4082004C
    896C0000 396B00C0
    996C0000 896C0001
    396B0001 996C0001
    896C0001 396B00C0
    996C0001 896C0002
    396B0001 996C0002
    896C0002 396B00C0
    996C0002 896C0003
    396B0001 996C0003
    4E800020 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *11 Attack Dogs, 11 Attack Dogs & 11 Attack Dogs
    *Reset current killstreak set to activate
    Force Host No Migrate [[email protected]]
    F2485070 022C0001
    38000000 00000000
    F2485F88 027C0401
    38000000 00000000
    F248948C 022C0101
    38000001 00000000
    F248C4E4 027C0301
    38000001 00000000
    *No Activator Needed
    Jetpack [B.M.O/STRiiK3R]
    28200F0A 00000040
    04AA2654 60000000
    A8000001 00000001
    04AA2654 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    0438B8DC 60000000
    A8000008 00000002
    0438B8DC C03F0170
    E0000000 80008000
    *Classic Controller
    Handicap Match [strakn]:
    4A000000 80A97B00
    60000009 00000000
    34002BE0 00000003
    14002B00 3F600000
    34002BE1 00000007
    10000810 00070000
    34002BE1 0000000B
    14002BF0 00000000
    34002BE1 0000000F
    18000694 00000000
    201F0008 00000000
    E2000004 00000000
    5A100000 000029E0
    62000000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Normal Match but no Side Arms, Tacticals, Grenades, etc
    Gametype Mod [Zeek]
    214B5A98 01000001
    28200FA0 00008000
    054E2CE8 800000A0
    040000A0 XXXXXXXX
    E0000000 80008000
    *Press Home while in the Private Match Lobby, Before you start the match!
    *686C6E64 = Sticks And Stones
    *6F696300 = One In The Chamber
    *67756E00 = Gun Game
    *73687270 = Sharpshooter
    *73640000 = Search And Destroy
    *646F6D00 = Domination
    *6B6F7468 = Headquarters
    *64656D00 = Demolition
    *63746600 = Capture The Flag
    *73616200 = Sabotage
    XP Lobby [Hetoan2]
    201D6324 FFFFFFFA
    054B7388 459C4000
    054B73F8 469C4000
    054B74D8 469C4000
    054A2D94 00000000
    054A2CB4 01000000
    054A2CB8 01000000
    054B7388 459C4000
    054B73F8 469C4000
    054B74D8 469C4000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Doesnt Save the levels on Public Matches
    *Works perfectly for all players on Combat Training + Saves
    XP Lobby [Liam Baby]
    40000000 80000000
     WHO SAW IT 
    E0000000 80008000
    *Saves the levels on Public Matches
    *Works perfectly for all players on Combat Training + Saves
    Private Matches Become Public [Liam Baby/ Unknown]
    28200FA0 00008000
    054A2D94 00000000
    054A2CB4 01000000
    054A2CB8 01000000
    054A2D28 01000000
    054A2D98 00000000
    054BBF38 01000000
    054BBFA8 00000000
    054B73F8 3F800000
    054B74D8 3F800000
    054B7388 3F800000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Private Matches, Use this to rank up legit XP
    No-Clip Everyone
    28200FA0 00008000
    08A9A724 00000000
    200929E0 00000000
    CC000000 00000001
    08A9A724 00000001
    200929E0 00000000
    E0000000 80008000
    *Press Home to Activate
    *Press Home to Deactivate

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