Sunset Overdrive is (as far as I has found) only for Xbox One. (Hince why I put it in the Xbox One Section). Apparently a shooter it will most likely be an M rating. The game is in the near future, and features a city destroyed by used-to-be humans who have somehow mutated. It is up to you, with powerful weapons, to take 'em out.


Sunset Overdrive is an always changing, open-world shooter set in the not-so-distant future. A catastrophic event has left your city overrun by mutants. While the majority perished or transformed, you flourished. It turns out your calling isn't picking up trash or serving food, its mutant destruction. With an arsenal of kick-ass, overpowered weapons and a knack for traversing the city with hyper agility, its not the end of days for you. Your story is just beginning.

Release Date: TBA 2014
Genre: Action
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Insomniac Games