Purpose: If you had to make a new account and an app is not working or if it's from another account or something, this is a good way to be able to have a "proof". Now this TuT will only allow you to change the app info.

plist editor(Windows Download)

1)Right click the .ipa you are wanting to edit, and Select "Open With"
2)Designate WinRaR archiver
3)There should be a plist file at the bottom(Property List FIle)
4)Double Click, if it asks you to find the program, designate to plist editor
5)Plist editor should be open and click CTRL + F
6)Search for "Apple"
7)If you don't find it the first time, contiously press F3 till you find "AppleID" or "appleid", they are different for each app but the text is the same.
8)Where it says:
<string>Your Email</string>
9)Change your email to whatever you prefer.
10)Either press CTRL + S or click the floppy disk icon in the top tool bar.
11)Open iTunes and when you look at the app info, it will change. For other titles and such, repeat step 7 and 10, but change the search to the title of which you are trying to change. Ex. If you want to change the app name, and the app name is "Amazon" then search "Amazon" and when you find it, then you can edit it and proceed for step 7,10.

Hope you enjoy,