Apple USB Power Adapter

Now you might ask, why would I post this. Well this is to include a bit of information you should know. Now each USB wall adapter you buy is all set up different. If you know what Solid State does, then this might be easy for you but every Power Supply is solid state. Solid state consists of power supplies, transistors, operational amplifiers etc. Unlike other power supplies, Apple has there power supplies built with a pure dc, that is sufficient to charge an apple device.

Electronics Lesson:
The more capacitance in a power supply circuit, the less AC ripple you are to have

To be honest, AC ripple is not good for a device that is required dc, and it can have the battery discharge badly. Now this discharge can't be like majorly bad but over time as you see that your iPod, iPhone, iPad can only hold a charge to 85% and such, then you will realize what I mean here. The pure dc will give the constant dc power with a full charge and can hold a time charge. Now it will go down over time, but not as fast or quickly.

Also, I would like to say for percentage wise, you have over 100 cycles of battery charging. How do you complete a cycle? A cycle is completed when 100% battery has been charged. So ex. If you charge at 45% to a full charge then next day from 80% to a full charge then the third day 75% to a full charge, that would be one charge cycle. Also, when you are powering down your device, and you know you aren't going to use it for awhile, make sure your batter is in a range of 50-75% this will help with the battery and if it is fully charged when you use it, it may have trouble holding the full charge. 50-75% is a safer range to have your power off.