Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, known on NeoGaf as Thuway and normally considered quite reliable with his reveals due to the fact that hes been pretty much always right with previous rumors, had a couple interesting tidbits of information to share today about the upcoming Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment.

First he mentioned that the performance of the game still isnt up to snuff when running at 720p, even if he didnt specify which platform he was talking about. Looks like Respawn is waiting for a driver update coming next month to solve the issue.

Oh and fun fact about Titan Fall, performance is not up to snuff at 720p, waiting for January driver updates.

Then he explained, citing two different sources, that a PS4 port of the game port was talked about at some point, presumably before Electronic Arts decided to sign a full exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

I also assure you, through two sources a PS4 port was talked about at one time, but thats not breaking news, thats more like common sense.

Of course, as usual with this kind of insider information, while Rasheed tends to be reliable and has been in the past, you should take it all with a well sized pinch of salt and consider it a rumor.


At least the Titanfall port was considered, but when it comes to release time, this game should be pretty good.