In the wake of the new Deep Down asset blowout done by Capcom just a few days ago, new information about the game is trickling down the grapevine.

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu a new weapon type has been introduced alongside the already known sword and shield combo and the spear. Greatswords (or two handed swords, depending how you translate 両手剣) will be available as well, dealing high damage in broad sweeps.

In addition to that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia provided some new info on the titles gameplay.

We learn that the feelings that will characterize the games dungeons wont have just a cosmetic value, changing the looks of the labyrinths well explore. Using those feelings, called Memento players will actually be able to enhance their weapons and armor, even if its not yet known how exactly this will happen.

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This game actually sounds interesting to me, although its not all that exciting.