An easy step method of making/sharing gameplays and uploading them that I found and use. So just follow the steps.

Step 1: Hit the share button and it should show you a few files of the recent games you've played. Open up one of the files of your chocie and there should be some video clips that should be 15 minutes in length.

Step 2: Choose the one you want to upload and hit upload. It should pop up a Facebook log-in, and then log in. It'll upload to your Facebook, but theres a way to get onto YouTube.

Step 3: As soon as its done, hop onto your computer and head onto Facebook, click on you video and get the link of it. Then go to and paste the link into the box, and hit download.

Step 4: When it gets done, it should be saved to your computer. You then can do whatever to the video and upload it to YouTube.