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    Default [PS3 Guide]WWE2K14 30 Years Of Wrestle Mania Guide

    Hulkamania Runs Wild Era

    Wrestlemania 1
    Andre the Giant vs. Big John Studd
    Objective – Win the match in under 6 minutes
    This isn’t a traditional match, therefore pins and submissions don’t work so you need to body slam him to win it.

    Wrestlemania 2
    Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy
    Bodyslam Bundy
    Objective #1 – Get him Bundy to critical damage and then tap A twice
    Objective #2 – Escape over the cage wall
    Press LB next to the wall, this will start the cage mini game, press X when it’s at Max to climb the cage, make sure you hit a finisher on Bundy before this because it takes a while.

    Wrestlemania 3
    Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage
    Objective #1 – Complete the Wrestlemania moment
    After the first pin attempt, you will be talking to the ref and savage will come behind you and try to hit you with a clothesline, duck this and it will hit the referee instead.
    Objective #2 – Get Randy Savage to critical damage
    The ref won’t be here during this objective so simply grab a chair and bash on Randy until he’s at critical.
    Objective #3 – Win with a leverage pin
    After a cutscene, you’ll be losing this fight and your opponent needs to be stunned to use this pin type. Whenever you can gain your momentum back do the classic toe kick (diagonal down + X) and then press up or down on the right stick to perform the leverage pin.

    Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
    Objective #1 – Grapple Andre (light) by the ring steps
    Tap A with your back to the steps on the right side. This did not seem to work for us at the entrance side but it worked at the announcers’ side
    Objective #2 – Irish whip Andre (Critical) in the ring
    The ref will be here during this scenario so you have to do this the hard way. Luckily, your come back will be back up by now which will assist you greatly.
    Objective #3 – Complete the Wrestlemania moment
    This even will trigger when you perform the Irish whip.
    Objective #4 – Hit a Leg Drop on Andre
    Hogan’s finisher while Andre is down, simply stand at his side and press O.

    Wrestlemania 4
    Randy Savage vs. Ted DiiBiase
    Objective #1 – Grapple DiBiase (Moderate) standing in the ring
    Get him to moderate and do any grapple, you can get him to this point with a signature move.
    Objective #2 – (Hidden) Hit Ted DiBiase with a Top Rope Elbow in the ring
    Get him down, go up top and press O. Your first attempt at this will result in a cutscene.
    Objective #3 – Win by Pinfall

    Wrestlemania 5
    Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage
    Objective #1 – Get Randy Savage to critical damage. It can take an approximate of 3 leg drops.
    Objective #2 – (Hidden) Kick out after taking a Top Rope Elbow.
    Objective #3 – Hit Randy Savage with the Leg Drop
    Triggers after a cutscene during the match.
    Objective #4 – Win by Pinfall
    You can go into a pinfall directly from Hogan’s Leg Drop.

    Wrestlemania 6
    Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan
    Objective #1 – Irish Whip Hogan (light) in the ring
    Cause light damage and do an Irish whip which will cause a cutscene to occur.
    Objective #2 – Complete the 1st Wrestlemania Moment
    Another duck and the ref gets hit. Was the A button for me.
    Objective #3 – Hit a Gorilla Press and pin Hogan in 10 seconds
    It is possible to get repeated chances at this. Every time you do a Gorilla Press you’ll have 10 seconds to pin him. This is Warrior’s signature move.
    Objective #3 – Complete the 2nd Wrestlemania Moment
    Triggers after the Gorilla Press in #3.
    Objective #4 – Hit an Ultimate Splash & Pin Hogan in 10 seconds
    Set up for you perfectly after #4 for the real life ending to this match. Warrior pins directly from the splash if you hit O.

    Wrestlemania 7
    Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter
    Objective #1 – Hit the Big Boot
    Objective #2 – Hit the Leg Drop.
    Objective #3 – Win by Pinfall.

    Wrestlemania 8
    Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
    Objective #1 – Hit Savage’s Elbow Drop finisher & Pin Flair in 10 seconds
    This will trigger a cutscene.
    Objective #2 – Escape the Figure Four Leg Lock
    Occurs automatically after the cutscene, resiliency is also available if you feel the need for it.
    Objective #3 – Win with a leverage pin
    Just like Wrestlemania III but this time you’re playing as Savage.

    Wrestlemania 9
    Yokozuna vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
    Objective #1 – Hit a Super Kick
    The game will explain to you how you’re to do this.
    Objective #2 – Irish Whip Bret Hart (Moderate) in the ring
    This will lead you to the Mr. Fuji salt in the eyes incident.
    Objective #3 – Win by Pinfall

    Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna
    Objective #1 – Hit a Leg Drop on Yokozuna
    You start with one. Just knock him over and hit it.
    Objective #2 – Defeat Yokozuna via Pinfall
    Works directly from the leg drop. It was only about a 12 second match in real life.

    The New Generation Era

    Wrestlemania 10
    Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels
    This is a ladder match so again, no pinfalls or submissions.
    Objective #1 – Get HBK to moderate damage in the ring
    Anything goes since it’s a ladder match so feel free to ruin his day with chairs and stuff like that.
    Objective #2 – (Hidden) Get HBK to Critical damage in the ring
    This will trigger after what seems to be a seemingly random cutscene.
    Objective #3 – Attack HBK with the ladder
    Pick it up with R and swing with X.
    Objective #4 – (Hidden) Irish whip HBK into a ladder propped in the ring corner
    Go to any corner and put the ladder there by pressing X then do an irish whip into it.

    Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna
    Objective #1 – Get Yokozuna to critical damage.
    Objective #2 – Perform a top rope move on a standing Yokozuna in the ring.
    Objective #3 – Pin Yokozuna in 10 seconds.

    Wrestlemania 11

    The Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy
    Objective #1 – Hit an Old School signature move on Bundy.
    Objective #2 – Bodyslam Bundy
    Wear him down and then tap A twice.
    Objective #3 – Win by pinfall

    Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels
    Objective #1 – Hit HBK with a big boot
    Signature move while running or off an irish whip.
    Objective #2 – Get HBK to critical damage.
    Objective #3 – Hit HBK with a Jackknife Powerbomb Finisher
    It’s Diesel’s only one.
    Objective #4 – (Hidden) Pin HBK in 10 seconds & win
    Only shows up after doing #3.

    Wrestlemania 12

    The Undertaker vs. Diesel
    Objective #1 – Hit a chokeslam on Diesel.
    Objective #2 – Hit a Tombstone on Diesel.
    Objective #3 – Win by pinfall.
    Keep in mind that Diesel has accelerated finisher gain during this fight.

    Shawn Micheals vs. Bret Hart
    Objective #1 – Complete the Wrestlemania Moment.
    Objective #2 – Irish whip Bret Hart (moderate) into the ropes.
    Objective #3 – Irish whip Bret Hart (Critical) into a turnbuckle.
    Objective #4 – Go into sudden death with the score tied 0-0
    Objective #5 – Hit 2 finishers on Bret Hart in OT.

    Wrestlemania 13
    Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin
    Objective #1 – Get Austin to light damage outside the ring within 2 minutes.
    Objective #2 – Irish Whip Austin (Moderate) into a turnbuckle.
    Objective #3 – Use the ring bell on Austin.
    Objective #4 – Get Austin’s legs to critical damage.
    This will trigger after #2. Using R1 you can target limbs. The A button is for the legs when you’re in a standing grapple. This is also a good time to pick up the “Fighting Smart” achievement.
    Objective #5 – Win with the Sharpshooter.

    Attitude Era

    Wrestlemania 14
    The Undertaker vs. Kane
    Objective #1 – Perform a Chokeslam
    Objective #2 – Perform 3 Tombstone Piledrivers
    Objective #3 – Win by Pinfall

    Wrestlemania 15
    Steve Austin vs. The Rock
    Objective #1 – Get the Rock to moderate damage and lure him to the entrance
    This is fairly easy as you’re allowed to use chairs and such.
    Objective #2 – Lean the Rock against the announce table and grapple him
    You don’t have to tear it apart even. Just irish whip him into it.
    Objective #3 – Perform a finisher on The Rock & pin him in 10 seconds
    This will trigger a cutscene
    Objective #4 – Complete the Wrestlemania Moment
    Happens when you do a Stunner after the events of #3.

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    Seems interesting might try one of these out thanks for the post!

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    At least credit the source, even if there aren't too many people here that play the game if they wrote all this up they definitely deserve some sort of recognition.
    Btw, there was a second page you missed.

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