If you are ready for a clan that will treat you like a brother or a sister, then we want YOU on our team. To us: a family is a group of people who help each other be the best they can be. Outside of the game, we are friends, making our bond as a clan stronger. Furthermore, we keep our word and cling to honor. Don't like clans which seem to be structured but turns out to be a mess in which people join to earn power? I don't either. This is why I made this clan. Don't think you have what it takes because your KDR is horrible? Think again. We are looking for friendly team players who know how to have fun. If you want to improve, we can help you. But if you're a player who lives to win, we have a section dedicated for full out competitive play. Our members are diverse in play style, competitiveness, and capabilities. You'll miss out on a huge opportunity if you don't apply, so do it now! You won't regret it!

Still have you interested? Here's what my clan can offer to you:
- A Clean rank system that is easy to understand. (No pointless ranks that have no meaning.)
- No drama. We're adults here.
- Active Leaders and Officers there to help you.
- Maintained and Organized Forums.
- Family Community.
- Competitive Play.
- Fresh Start.

Another unique aspect I offer you is to simply be a member of my forums. That's right, you do not actually have to be a part of my Clan to hang out in our forums and play with the clan's members.

Requirements? Nothing too scary:
- Applicants should be at least 16 years old, unless they are mature for their age.
- Must have a Mic, unless you are simply a general forum member.
- Must remain active on the forums so that we know you are alive.
- Have a good attitude.
- Maturity.
- Be okay with vulgar language.

Unlike other clans, when I say "adult clan," I mean those words thoroughly.

Still interested?

Swing by my forums register. If you have any questions, please ask.


Be sure to tel them Reign sent ya.