The DualShock 4 is unanonimously loved for its amazing feeling and comfort; its considered a massive improvement over DualShock 3 on that front, and some even consider it superior to Microsofts Xbox 360/One controllers.

However, there are a couple of minor flaws. The first one is about the build quality, which we reported some time ago the problem isnt exactly severe, but even my DualShock 4 is already worn after mere weeks of playing, and some of the rubber on the sticks is gone already. The other one is undoubtedly the charge life, which is significantly shorter than its predecessor.

Still, the Internet is crafty and a workaround might have just popped. On Reddit, user scooby609 posted a small guide on how to double the DualShock 4 charge life; apparently, the battery in DS4 (a 3.65V 1000mAh model) can be replaced with aftermarket DS3 batteries. The user pointed to a 3.7V 1800 mAh battery, which cost him under $9 shipped (from Amazon), and he claims that the new battery life is almost double of the original one (14 hours of gameplay versus 8).

Obviously we need more reports to mark this as a safe procedure, but its certainly an interesting prospect for those who dont own a second DualShock 4 and are annoyed by the short charge life.


Very interesting. I'm gonna try it out myself sometime soon.