Listen up, freshmeat. You suck. See those creatures? Youíre the entre. See that shine and heat eating up all the big spooky evil? Keep looking and youíll soon wake up in the next millennium from ice. This world hates you. For all the times you toiled away at the textile factory, mother nature could not wait for you to stumble into her grasps and make you her personal thrill toy. Face it. Youíre gunna dieÖHorribly. Hell, I would be surprised if you made it after 10 days.

Why am I telling you this? Simple, you donít know jack hell what youíre doing. You have one chance to rough it out without losing the one thing in life you canít live without. Youíre uuhh, life. Thatís why you enlisted my help. Iíve lived it. Iíve swam in the blood of my enemies and puked out their kin. I am the man who bested nature at its own game. Now letís begin your training, meatbag.


Get up! No time to face your demons and sudden realization youíre screwed indefinitely, thatís what sleep and old age is for, now immediately! Donít pussyfoot and fret about creating a camp right away, get a few things squared awayÖ

Collect everything you see: Flint, cut grass, twigs, and logs make your survival possibly. Stick to your basics; axes, fires, pickaxes, and the other items mentioned above. Get used to your world to save some time from getting lost, nowís the time to get lost. You need to scout out your world before hunkering down and fortifying an area. Reach the waters of an area and graze the boundary, youíll need to see the stopping point before you waste time later on when you return to your nomadic mode and need new resources to plunder.

Youíll come across boulders containing rocks, flint, nitre, and sometimes gold. Mine those immovable hunks for everything but one. Never pick up the Nitre, thatís for advance survivors who have space to store for the rare use of the mineral. The other three youíll always use and collect whatever you can on top of having room for your essentials.


That outline you made of the world for the past seven or so days? Congrats, cadet, you should know where to camp out now. Best place to solidify your feeble chances at survival are near the humble giants of the mighty beefalos. Two reasons why here. Theyíre big and attack any of the nearest predators following you, killing those pesky hounds weíll talk about later. Next, they poop, constantly. That steamy pile of liquid gold is a godsend. Farms are now possible and they make great fuel for fire.

Once your camp has been made (fire pit), use that gold and build those Science Machines and Alchemy Engines. Build prototype farms, backpacks, chests, heat stones, and grass / log suits. Refine ropes, boards, and cut stones. Doing so unlocks those crafting items outside of Science Machines, thus making advance items available to craft down the line. Then set up chests near the Machines to avoid the back and forth. Now itís time to prepare for winter. Start making traps and set them above rabbit holes for easy food for now or later. Figure out where to search for food now and where to search for food in winter. Time wonít be on your side, so save a region of land rather stay in close proximity to your camp.


Hoo boy, this is the cut off point. Rub those hands together because hot diggity! Itís freezing out! Forget about clothing, remain in your disgusting, weeks old wardrobe and stick to this hap-hazarded strategy.

Heat Stones, easy as rabbit trapping. Youíve got plenty of flint, rocks, and pickaxe material from your boulder crushing earlier, make two. Heat Stones are your best friends in this tundra environment and they keep you plenty warm. Your Day time will reduce heavily in the winter, making not only heat harder to come by but light as well. By evening youíll need to set camp with a simple log fire. Not because of the dark, but your heat stones cool off and need recharging. In addition, this gives some time to cook whatever food you have. Doesnít matter what extraneous things you do, in winter, stick to running around chopping trees, picking up essentials, and staying warm. Once youíre in winter mode, you need to keep moving and to the system.

Must have items for Winter for Donít Starve

  • 1 or 2 Heat Stones
  • Flint
  • Logs
  • Twigs
  • Grass
  • Rocks
  • Manure
  • Axe
  • Pickaxe
  • Backpack
  • Log Suit (equip once in danger and need to attack)
  • Raw and cooked food


Pick all the flowers.

Sanity levels rise five and restores one health with every pickup. If you donít need to unlock a new item with a Science / Alchemy Machine, save it, you could use the added 15 sanity boost with every new crafted item. No need to freak out if your sanity diminishes, just cosmetic changes occur and remain above 30 sanity before things turn to horror.


These suckers like chase little tykes like yourself. They donít want to play fetch, unless you like to watch the disembowelment of your puny body then have at it. They donít play fair. All they want to do is ruin your day and life. When encountering these narrow-minded weasels, keep in mind of a few things.

Once again, neutral factions are your friends. They donít play any sort of litigation or bureaucracy with you and the varmints. Pawn off your little trouble makers to them and watch the corpses pile up. The more days you survive, the larger the pack and less warning you get from them. Find swaths of pigs, tree people, or Beefalos to help your troubles. At ***ht? Build a torch to run to the nearest group of sleeping sentient squatters and forget about your troubles.


Remember that ďone chanceĒ shtick mentioned earlier? Toss it, weíve got Touch Stones saving your insignificant and piss-poor attempt at living from ending, even if you did deserve to be mauled by penguins, dummy. really are being too nice. Youíll have to retrieve your stuff from one of your latest ďlearned experiencesĒ and go completely bare as you were day one, but come on here weíre talking some middle-finger taunting to the one above!

Listen hear, this is another glorious reason to scout the world early on. Not just to reveal paths and possible safe havens, no, for the strokes of luck youíll come across like teleportation stones and other random goodies advantageous to you. Who knew you could find a Fire Staff in the middle of nowhere?


Follow Wheatonís rule, donít be a dick or youíll accumulate naughty points. Well, that last part was added in, but youíll regret being a jerk. Kill a pig, naughty points. Kill a rabbit, naughty points. Kill a baby beefalo, shoot, what was your occupation before? Immoral coward?

See, thereís this fella named Krampus. Heís karma, if karma were a sack-holding demon salivating over your precious goods. Breaks chests, gobbles surrounding goodies of yours, then envelops himself in his sack and disappears to punish your bloodlust and hunger for flesh. Now fighting is an optionóif youíre dumb enoughóyouíll retrieve your stolen stuff.


- Use traps as emergency food. Place over rabbit holes for returning / emerging furballs and leave them be until you really need food.

-NEVER dig up rabbit holes, thatís like lighting an entire forest, kills a resource.

-Donít rely on the meats of large passerbys, theyíre doing their thing unless you want a scuffle in which youíll be pathetically outmatched and outmuscled (Beefalos, Pigs, Spiders, Penguins, etc)

-Donít you EVER stop running in the swamps. Everything alive wants you dead, even the trees want you dead, good lord, anywhere you go a tentacle springs up to shoo you away.

-Never go out and explore without a hefty supply of flint, rocks, logs, and grass.

-Axes can double as a weapon as well as a tree-cutting device

-Monster meat may look strange, gooey, and just as edible, but enjoy the loss of health with the

-Always cook any food you have, better stat boosts.

-Feces is your friend. Look for Beefalo and their beautiful droppings or feed flowers to the pigs for their hurried leavings.

-Nitre has only one use besides being a waste of storage, nonessential to keep on your person.

-Place your fires near trees or boulders. You canít just sit around the campfire and do nothing while waiting for the sun, use the time to be productive.

-Donít start fires near trees, a certain Campaign hat-wearing bear will shed a tear over your ignorance.


tl;dr fuck you, if you really wanted to do well at this game, you would follow as said. But anywho how is Don't Starve turning out for everybody, opinons?