Button Pressured Controls [B.M.O]
28200FA0 0000XXXX
043D3B6C 2C030000
043D3B74 2C030001
043D3BA8 2C030001
043D3B80 2C060001
044590F0 2C060000
044607E8 2C030001
04460760 C0010010
04460770 C0010018
04457568 2C000001
04457574 2C030001
E0000000 80008000
*Only tested as host.
*When you press a button, EG: the jump button, you have to hold the button, then when you let go, you will jump. Same goes for other controls like when you press the ADS button, it will not ads, but when you let go of the button, then it will.