Recently, People have had questions regarding Jtags/Rghs/flashed/hotswapping and I decided to make a thread.
So, We are going to start off with the easiest thing to do, that will be Hot Swapping.
I made this thread from scratch and used all of knowledge regarding Xbox modding.


What is hotswapping?
Hotswapping is opening up your Xbox 360 and installing ISO mods onto your Console.
It Creates a Backup, if you will.

What Games Can Be HotSwapped?
Call of Duty: World at War
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V
- A few more.

What are Trusted Websites were these ISO mods can be bought?

Materials needed to HotSwap?
- T10 Screwdriver.
- ISO Disk
- Actual Copy of the disk you are modding.
- FlatHead Screwdriver.


Can I Microsoft Ban my Xbox for having JTAG/RGH?

If I get console ban, can I unban it?
Yes, With Something called a KV.
KV's are what keeps your Xbox Console Banned and Unbanned.

How to know if a KV is banned or unbanned?

Benefits of Having JTAG/RGH?
- Able to play Modded Games.
- Free Games.
- Early Content.
- Hosting Patches.
- Ability to Real Time Mod.

How does a Jtag go online?
Jtags work with something called Stealth.
Stealth Links:
It will register your account as a sliver account.

Why is Stealth so Expensive?
It is to make sure only people who are serious about there JTAG are going to purchase it.

How Much are Jtag/RGH consoles?

Questions: Ask Below and I will update this post.