I recently read an article on CNN about a team of international war crimes prosecuters and forensic experts uncovering multiple disturbing photos that may mean Assad, The leader of Syria, has been commiting acts of torture. Now I am guessing you all know about what happened in Syria a little while ago with the use of chemical weapons on its people (Human Rights Violation) and the rebels trying to over throw Assad and if you do not, then you sure are misinformed . Anyways seeing this article just made me think a lot about how far some people are willing to go to maintain control or maintain a fake power about themselves. Now obviously the pictures could be fake, but even if they are fake they still remind me of all of the misfortunes that people have had to endure because of the lust and greed of others. I also asked my self what it would be like in Syria, as an innocent person. I thought about how I would be stuck to choose between the rebels, or Assad, and that I would be scared to choose the rebels because Assad would most likely do something terrible, and that i would be scared to choose Assad because then the rebels would do something to me.. So I guess i just thought about how tough some people may have things, even more than us. Made me think of how we say we are not privelaged, and that we are poor, but do not realize there are people in foreign nations who do not have the internet, or the homes that we have. I guess I should probably pose a question to you guys to see what you guys think; however, I think I'll just leave it at this. Do you think Syria is using torture? Does this suprise you? Do you think it is okay for them to violate Human rights? (use of chemical weapons on the people, ect...)
Here is the link to the full article if any of you would like to read up on it, I believe there is a video as well, however I chose not too look at it if in fact there are tortured bodies. All this team knows is that the bodies in the pictures showed severe signs of bruising and also signs of starvation. (They found other symptoms as well). So what do you guys think?