WiiMote Activator[PvtRyan] 28206586 0500XXXX E0000000 80008000 *Works perfectly and quickly Classic Controller Activator[PvtRyan] 28206466 0200XXXX E0000000 80008000 *This works with a delay kind of deal you have to hit the activator twice or do a hold of the activator. No Hold just Tap[PvtRyan] 04A115B8 01000000 *You don't need to hold to pick up things just tap. Tomahawk No Hold Toggler[PvtRyan] 28200FXX 0000XXXX 04A11558 01000000 CC000000 00000000 04A11558 00000000 E0000000 80008000 *Tomahawk holds and throws when to press the toggler.