Ugh I just got a bit of info I was sworn to secrecy on :-/. VR is going to be amazing. You will say KANDO.
Very interesting solutions, multiple prototypes, but the end product is Hnnnnng. Say hello to Gran Turismo 7.
Drive Club is supposedly looking much better too. Should be a good couple of months of Sony exclusives ahead.
Hey GT guys, I hear GDDR5 has got you 3d trees and real people. Now if only I could find out about your engine noises.
Based on what they've said, sounds to me like things are gonna start heating up for both consoles. Playstation is supposed to be getting a VR headset sometime in the future, and hearing some good words about it is good news. Also Drive Club has had some good words put in, sounds like the graphics have gotten better.
Xbox One, Thief is supposedly running 900p now, so thats good to hear.