A few months ago I downloaded a keylogger, and got my minecraft account stolen. I traded for an account code over skype, and it worked fine. I made a new account, and have been playing on it for months with no problems whatsoever. Today I'm tyring to join a server, and I get the error: Failed to Login : Invalid Session ( Please Restart Minecraft ) So I restarted minecraft a few times and still got the error. Next thing I do is change my Mojang password. To my fucking surprise apparently I don't have a minecraft account anymore. When I log into the Minecraft launcher, it says I can only play demo, and it also says on my Minecraft.net and Mojang.com accounts, I don't own the game. When yesterday I was playing. Until now everything has worked smoothly. I made a help ticket with mojang, but it they said they were backed up and still answering tickets from Feb 2nd, so I it will be awhile before mine gets answered. Anyone ever hear of this happening before / know anything I can do?