Faucets dispense coins, usually for free. Here's the links to all the free bitcoin faucets that i know of that give out free BTC completely for free or for filling out a captcha

FIRST STEP! you need to create a deposit address!!
coinbase.com = an online wallet service. Easy to use, they seem to take security seriously. you can use this address to both send and receive payments. I personally suggest installing the bitcoin client, but an online wallet is a good way to get started. you can find your addresses at account settings -> addresses
cryptsy.com = an online exchange where you can trade your btc for other altcoins such as Dogecoin. You'll need to register, goto Balances, click bitcoin, click deposit BTC and generate a deposit address.
Download the client = run the client on your desktop. BTC should have precompiled executables/binaries that you can run on your local machine, but downloading the blockchain will probably take 5 days, no joke. It can run without downloading the whole chain, but you wont begin to receive payments until its downloaded completely....

Most of these faucets will pay out either weekly or once you have a certain number of coins. You have to have enough coins to cover the transaction fee that the site will pay when they send you the coins. making 1000's of microtransactions would cost them more then they are giving out.

Hourly & Under an Hour---------------------------
freecoin -- 225 satoshi, solve a captcha every hour to get free btc. you can also make wagers with your coins to double/triple/multiply up to 100x. you can also create a referral link to give to friends/family/etc. Anyone who uses my referral link above gets bonus coins every day. You have the option to give back coins and i give out 10% every day to anyone who was referred by me. $$$ Pays every monday once you have over 5600 satoshi

clickandcoin -- 200 satoshi every 45 minutes; solve captcha to receive coins, you can withdraw once you have a certain amount of coins

You can goto google and search for "Set timer 1 hour" and a timer will start and beep when it ends to remind you to re-up

Every 6 Hours --------------------------
Daily Free Bits -- solve captcha to win random prizes from 100 to 120 satoshis, you can withdraw once you have a certain amount of coins

Every 24 Hours -------------------------
http://freebitcoinz.com/r/aids]Free Bitcoins[/url] -- 2000 satoshi every day for solving a captcha, you can withdraw once you have a certain amount of coins

QoinPro This pays both bitcoins and multiple other cryptos every day, make an account and thats it, no captchas necessary, you can withdraw once you have a certain amount of coins

These probably wont last to next year. once the price goes up these will dry up, so take advantage of this opportunity.