Note: The reason this is in the iOS section is because this method only works for iOS.

- A Jailbroken iDevice
- Spotify 0.9.3 (I will provide the .ipa for you guys, since the latest version of spotify on the App Store is 1.1.0).


1. First, install Spotify 0.9.3. Download the .IPA here: (I did not crack the .ipa. This is the .ipa I used to downgrade to 0.9.3).
2. Open up Cydia and add this repo:
3. On the repo, go to the S section and find SpotiuM. Alternatively, you can go on the search tab and search it up.
4. Download and install the package. After that, respring your iDevice.
5. Go into your settings and find SpotiuM. Go into its settings and turn everything on (If you just want certain patches on, that's up to you).
6. After modifying your SpotiuM settings to your satisfaction, open Spotify and Log in (If you are already logged in, then good for you). A message will pop up indicating that the SpotiuM patches are working.
7. To test to see if the patches are working, go to a playlist or album. You should notice that you can play whatever song you want. You will also notice that you have unlimited skips (It will say remaining skips: 6. It will always say that. I've done more than 6 skips and it still says it and works). Seeking is enabled and Shuffle Play is disabled. If nothing is working, close Spotify and reopen it.
8. Enjoy!

- Play any song you want for free, even though you're not on a tablet or have Spotify Premium.
- Unlimited Skips
- Can go backwards (The backwards button is glitchy. It will restart the song, but will not go back to the previous track).
- Can Seek
- Available in All Countries (I guess you can use Spotify wherever?).
- No Shuffle Playing
- Can Restart Songs
- Incognito Mode (I guess you're in a private session when streaming music).

NOTE: If an error pops up when you want to play a certain track, close Spotify and start it back up. This fixes the issue (at least, for me).

Source Of SpotiuM:

Credits go to Mr.N0b0dy @ BiteYourApple