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    Default Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review (Game)

    Too long to watch? Here's the synopsis:

    Ripped combat system from batman games.
    Storyline was all over the place.
    Graphics were terrible.
    Frame rate is subpar.
    World isn't that big.
    Lots of spidy suits to collect (excellent).
    Animations reeked.
    Good web mechanics.
    "Don't view the world up close" (nobody ever does anything except stand around).
    Dialog options are pointless.
    All enemies are generic.
    Lots of cool bosses (good)
    Boss battles are bland and contain lots of quick time events. (Bad)
    Has a 'karma system' that sucks complete ass.

    Video Review Score: 5/10
    "Don't buy until the price drops" (to $20 or lower)

    Thanks Activision for yet another cash cow game. I considered trying it until I saw their name plastered on it. To think its got its own massive section in the PSN Store....

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