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    Default [PKMN Showdown] Teambuilding tips

    So for the lot of you here that play pokemon showdown and just started I'll start out by giving some tips for building teams.
    As you may know you can build as far as I know an endless amount of teams in the PKMN SHWDN Teambuilder, this has its advantages, like not just relying on a standard team per tier (OU, UU, NU , UBER), practicing with different teams to build your oh-so-refined/perfect team or just have for the use of many different pokemon if it happens that you get bored of a specific team.

    Now for the tips.

    1. Counters

    When building a team make sure not to use many or any at all pokemons of the same time, for example don't run 6 water-type pokemon as it is easily defeated by someone who runs a quick Electric/Grass sweeper (a pokemon that is meant to just kill and if possible, fast).
    Having a steel/grass + grass type pokemon in your team isn't a problem as they most likely will have specific roles for example:

    Ferrothorn : Grass/Steel
    role: Stall, set trap layers like spikes/toxic spikes/stealth rocks
    Sceptile: Grass
    role: sweep, just defeat as many possible pokemon from the opposing team.

    2. Super Effect

    Keep in mind to give (your sweepers mainly) your pokemon different type of moves, not just because they're a fight-type pokemon that they should only have fight type attacks, this will only have Super Effect on Normal type and isn't a great advantage when the opponent switches in to e.g. a ghost type.
    The only benefit for a (example) fight-type pokemon to have a fight-type attack is for a STAB, which means: Same Type Attack Bonus this speak for itself and boosts the power of a attack based move with 50% or 1.5x so a normal move that would do 70 as damage, will now do 105 if it were to have Super Effect it would give another 1.5x boost.

    Keep this in mind guys.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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