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I have 3 plugs on my home theater system.

1. HDMI Out
2. RCA (Red, White, Yellow cords)

The thing is a DVD player (idk if that matters)

It has a few functions
2.FM Radio

Now I have an HDMI going from the TV to Home Theater box. and an RCA going from Xbox 360 to Home Theater Box.

If I switch the function on the TV from HDMI - HDM2 it shows a blue screen (can't remember what it showed but I don't think it matters)

Any ideas? I have a Sony HBD-TZ135. The Best Buy guys don't know what they're talking about because one guy says one thing and another guy says the opposite. I'm thinking of getting an HDMI splitter but I'm not sure if that would do shit since it's an HDMI out (not 100% sure but it shows a blue screen when I switch to HDMI 2)

Thanks for the help.