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    Default FrozenBit [Official Announcement]


    First you should see what we're all about at:

    Bitcoin's biggest problem has been how can someone fully secure their ([btc])bitcoin's? While there are decent solutions, there hasn't been a way to do this trustlessly.
    I'm proud to present our solution to this problem. FrozenBit, the first multisignature bitcoin wallet with a trustless approach.

    What is FrozenBit?

    FrozenBit is a project that's goal has been to equally allow all users from all experiences to dive right into bitcoin. This means we rid the technical's in an attempt to attract the masses who wish to try bitcoin. Like a study we've recently done where we sat a few people down and had them attempt to dive into multisignature bitcoin addresses by themselves, using only online help (Not us). They were unable to find a useful non-technical guide that worked with any kind of key they had. When they asked for help here on bitcoin talk, they we're ridiculed for being "unable to use search function" those technicals where just unapplealing for your everyday person. So this fits into our core goal, make multisig what is should be. Simple, Secure and Accessible. Thus allowing bitcoin to expand from a technically efficent niche, to a more consumer accessible niche with "bank-like" features. But don't worry technocrats, we still have features on the way that we feel you'll enjoy.

    That's what FrozenBit is.

    Why FrozenBit:

    Besides our unmatched security through second factor authentication (2fa) and transparency provided by being open source frozenbit has many benefits.
    The first of which is being multisignature, providing 2-of-3 sense of security. You can sleep well at night knowing no one, not even us can take your bitcoins.
    Continuing on, in order to prevent a gox. like situation we place you solely responsible for your keys. We've also taken the liberty of adding 24/7 monitoring for the service, alerting you to any transactions. Making the service trustless and secure as a coldstorage while being as convient as a hot wallet.

    Key Features:

    • Multisignature wallets
      User controlled keys
      The only MULTIPLATFORM bitcoin wallet
      Independent Storage from other user funds
      Mobile Compatibility
      Referral Program
      Real World Escrow Situations (Dev)
      Watch Only (Dev)

    Multisignature Wallets:
    Multisignature wallets are in essence the technology all financial institutions use today to secure client funds. Since bitcoin is a way to avoid banks, this is the perfect way to feel as secure as you would in a bank with bitcoin. Multisignature is an underlying protocol in bitcoin that allows 3 randomly connected people to form a trustless storage for their coins. Using encrypted keys called public keys, users enter 3 of these (or more) into bitcoin qt or some generator site like

    This forms an address that starts with a 3, that no one person can send funds from. Instead this one person can initiate a transaction to give to other people who's keys are used to sign the wallet to spend. Depending on the setup, such as 2 of 3 that's how many users are required to sign then broadcast the transaction into the bitcoin network. Not only does this have trustless applications, this also allows multiple devices to generate a more secure coldstorage address with no single point of failure.


    Like I previously noted we take our security seriously and accomplished this by incorporating features the community would ask for in a wallet. We refuse to compromise, and we refuse to hear about the next theft so we've mandated this key piece of preventative security.
    You're required to enter a SMS pin whenever you login, and attempt a withdrawal.

    User controlled keys:
    Every wallet on FrozenBit is user generated. Meaning made in browser, without help from us. The only thing that is actually on the server when it comes time to spend funds is the encrypted public key. We learned from armory, and the community people don't like third parties, we'll we don't even like parties so we decided just not to attend that one and let you control your keys.

    -This action can be verified over github on our open-source offline package. Meaning you can even generate your own coldstorages.

    Multiplatform Bitcoin Wallet:
    We have 2 apps pending approval on mobile devices both apple, and android in which they allow users to completely control their funds even on the go. Stay tuned for the official approval announcement.

    Lets also not forget our powerful desktop application that will be completely offline that will allow users 100% easier access to bitcoin multisignature technology. This will be more geared towards our advanced users.

    Referral Program:
    The referral program acts like any other referral program does. When you invite a user onto site and they secure their bitcoins, the site pays you 0.05% of their deposited amount in bitcoin directly to your wallet. There is no minimum and very little referral verification time. We feel this is the best way to adept users into multisignature and entice you to advertise us to your friends and others you know who use bitcoin. We feel this is needed for people to want to spread Multisignature technology around to every user possible. Also, we have tools that allow you to track and verify how much you should be receiving in result of your referral actions.

    In Developement:
    I would like to state right now that the site is constantly being innovated upon and is constantly being update with new features. Nothing is set in stone and we are not finished with design and user interface.

    We have a plethora of features we want to roll out very soon.

    This Includes
    HD Wallets: Allowing many addresses in 1 wallet instead of 1 address, per 1 wallet.

    RWES: (REAL WORLD ESCROW SITUATIONS) We are considering this something that will make FrozenBit entirely different from your ordinary run of the mill bitcoin wallet. Yeah we're multisig, but how can we expand bitcoin trust? How can we make a trustless system between random people?
    RWES is here to solve that. By allowing 3 emails to be entered at registration and each email receiving a log-in that generates their key (1 of 3) that allows the initiation or signature for a transaction (2 of 3) from their joint address. This means people can finally hold money together without fear one signee will go rogue, because they no longer have the means to do it. This program acts as the first attempt at a fee-less escrow where the technicals are fully removed from the process. We are 100% uninvolved and this rely's 100% on the bitcoins protocol to work.

    Watch Only: Details coming soon.


    Also Reference a recent interview our CEO, Calvin Partaken with bitcoinegghead's Chris Emberely.

    "Considering Calvin, frozenbits CEO was someone who is on the front-line of bitcoin innovation I wanted to get his input on things surrounding this mysterious new feature people are just now talking about. I asked him to go on the record talking about his service, multisig in general and what he difference really is. He agreed.

    CHRIS- "So Calvin thanks for agreeing for the interview, I'm quite inspired by a few of the related emails you sent me and thanks for the time explaining the concept of multisig."
    CALVIN- "We'll thanks for having me do the interview, It's been quite the journey. Seeing someone begin interest in multisig and what we're trying to do is a sign frozenbits development is justified."

    CHRIS- "I wanted to start off with something other than multisig. In regards to apple, how do you take this news?"
    CALVIN- "Apple is creative, solid business plan and I think this is a calculated move they've been waiting for. I don't think I'd be far off from saying it both attracts a desirable demographic 18-25 years of age back into apple. It may also play into their new tone of "we're still cool and we like cool things." Like bicoin!
    CHRIS- Insightful, Didn't think of that.

    CHRIS- "I seen a tweet the other day from you to armory. They released their own multisig feature called lockboxes I believe. Seeing you congratulate them was an interesting move."
    CALVIN- " I love armory, I personally use their wallet for cold storage. Nothing beats being in control of your own coins. This inspired me to strive to leave the customer in charge of their coins when designing frozenbits underlying protocol. So that tweet was out of genuine love for their service, and philosophy. Seeing them dive into multisig was wonderful, knowing that people are seeing advances and Armory out of all services is embracing is forthright."

    CHRIS- "There is so many different services out there, what makes frozenbit so special."
    CALVIN- "Lets forget about the multisignature difference for a minute, because I believe so many others are going to embrace it soon. Frozenbit is, and will always will be a company that learns from all those before it. We know people want to be in control of their coins, we know people want privacy, we know people don't want another mark managing a system where their coins could be at risk.
    I can assure you and any hearing about us for the first time or a long time follower that this is not the case. We have a dedicated team who works long nights, to get this to market as fast a possible. Great relations with bitcoin users, enthusiasts and even just the code behind it.
    CHRIS- "Nice outlook, what about features, bonuses and such?"
    CALVIN- "Frozenbit is the goodie bad of features. We pulled out all the stops to dedicate ourselves to living bitcoin. We use the same encryption techniques the military does, we store coins and wallets offline and we assign a cryptographic footprint to every account to sign their transactions when spending funds. Now our greatest feature is out strive to go mobile, very few wallets are.
    I can assure you this will be the easiest bitcoin platform you've ever used, simplicity, accessibility and security all in one platform. And friends, lets not forget about referring your friends and reaping rewards! We want everyone to be as protected as our users so we are PAYING out bonuses when you refer a user!"

    CHRIS- "Now, there isn't that much about you out there when I was researching into your developments."
    CALVIN- "Well I'm to Stanford university, I'm pursuing a masters in computer science and an MBA in risk management. Two things that make me keen and intrigued by bitcoin as a monetary system and it's underlying code. We're based in Palo alto, CA (Come visit us sometime, the coffee is on me) and there are 3 people working with me on this. We're a 100% self funded start-up, not one investor dollar is in this company we only answer to the people who love bitcoin and those who use our service.

    CHRIS- "I may take you up on the coffee. Thanks for the interview, I think that about sums up everything I wanted to personally ask you!"
    CALVIN- "Hey it's no problem. Like I said earlier thanks for doing this, bitcoin holds a lot of things that truly make it unique. I'm only one of the people unlocking those features and giving them to everyone equally.""

    What People have been saying about multisig:

    "Multisignature protocol caught my eye when gox failed. As someone who lost about every bitcoin they had in gox it intrigued me.
    I asked myself how so few people know about something so innovatively simple and built into bitcoins protocol. Multisig is the perfect marriage for bitcoin and security.
    Instead of one key, there are essentially 3 keys (or more) attributed to bitcoin address. It requires 2 of 3 private keys to-agree-to spend funds, that means you could hold all 3 for added security or have an address where you and your friends each have a key." -Chris,

    "Imagine a safe in a bank that needs two keys to unlock the safe at any time the banks key and your personal key. Multisignature addresses capture the essence of this but without needing to be in the same place" - Thomas Kerin, Bitswap

    "Year of Multisig"- Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Core Developer

    So why aren't you using multisig? Protect your funds today at,

    Team information is currently being typed up at the time your seeing this, and github will be updated and uploaded when site is finished. We don't want people using a broken product now do we?

    Feel like supporting the team? You can contribute at 3K1TM1inoZXaRMiAHcBJqZbxeweHgZEcGL, thank you.

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