Is it possible to Joker an F6 code, making it only activate upon certain buttons being pressed? The game I'm making a code for (Pokemon XD) loads the values I want to modify (Items in PC) into different areas of memory each time the game's save is loaded, but only after the save is loaded, which means it requires a joker. The values don't ever shift around, but they always seem to be loaded into a certain region. More specifically, 80484C00-80486400.
While I could test the code, I want to know if it's going to work first. The code:

My PC Mod (L+Z, then L+R)
28444B2C 00000050
F6000001 80488049
00160001 000E0001
E2000002 00000000
28444B2C 00000060
16000000 00000078
00250384 01210014
01220014 01240014
01250014 01260014
01270015 01280014
01290014 012B0014
012C0014 01320014
01330014 01350015
01360014 01370014
013A0014 013B0014
013C0015 013F0014
01400014 01420014
01440014 01450015
01470014 01480014
01490014 014A0014
014B0015 014C0014
E0000000 80008000