So I recently bought a Roxio Game Cap and have all of the required cables and plugs necessary to record. My only problem is, the Roxio's plugins are HD and my TV is Standard Definition. I will provide some pictures but I think I can basically sum it up. My TV's AV Plugins are standard (Red, White, Yellow) and The Roxio's Cables are HD (Blue, Green, Red, White, Red).

So I have been trying lot's of things to resolve this conflict. I've watched plenty of tutorials for hooking it up to a standard definition TV but all of them are meh. What I'm wondering is if there is some kind of conversion piece you can buy to convert HD to SD. So right now I can record but because of this, my recordings are very low quality and have lots of problems and I can only play in black and white on my TV. Any help/ advice would be appreciated.