Bored as fuck so I figured I'd write the highlights of my life down. I'd like to focus a bit on my transition from being a little bitch.

Nothing happened before I was like, 12 anyways, so, we'll start there.

When I was around 12 or so, I started playing Black ops on, you guessed it, the Wii. Got really fucking good at it, but then again I was playing on the Wii, so, I was probably average. Anyways, I got increasingly bored with the title and decided I wanted to host private lobbies and shit for my friends and I to fuck about in, so I came here. Upon coming here I realized that this could be a place where I could hang around a bit. My first few months here I didn't really post much, and I was basically the Stride of the forum. Anyone who said anything to me that was somewhat negative would immediately get a long, unreadable paragraph about how they sit on a throne of dicks.

Anyways, later on, maybe a year or two down the road I decided that I wanted to be just a fucking elite hacker kid who fucked mad bitches. I thought I was. I wasn't. I wasn't that at all. Sure I technically "hacked" shit, but it wasn't impressive. Some of it was funny, and to this day I can still somewhat see the humor in it, but still. I realized that I didn't have any reason to come to CL anymore, so I made like a baby and headed out.(ha get it). I started browsing a few other forums oriented around programming, pentesting, and shit like that. I got a group of friends who were willing and able, and patient enough to help me along my way.

Oh, I failed to mention when I was like, 14, before I left the site I noticed I actually wasn't that hated. I sat on the xat the majority of the day, and honestly had very entertaining and fun conversations with many members who are still here today.(Abg, peepman(RIPRIP), 0zman, austin, etc.)

So after gaining legitimate knowledge of programming languages, different os's, etc, I came back to CL with an asshat of a mindset. Basically at this point in time every one was making their own forum, because they wanted to run a community like CL, but where they're in charge. As I'm sure some of you may know, I ran around going full retard on most of these sites, and even went as far as to replace one site's index page with this .swf.

After I got past my "exploitdb everything" phase, I turned 15(around then) and decided that I should probably just stop being a little cunt. After the realization that I was a bitch, I decided that instead of being a little bitch, I should probably learn more about what I want to do. Computers. I started doing multiple methods of school at once, online, irl, and packets. I was able to graduate right before turning 16.(not a feat, anyone can do it. I'm not smarter for doing so.) The reason for this was because I wanted to start College. To me, College is where your life starts. Always has been. I'll be attending a University that's somewhat close to me this coming semester, part time.

I'm still an immature faggot.