As we enter the final few major shopping days before Christmas, we're certainly curious as to whether this festive period will deliver the sales success that Nintendo craves. The picture appears to be relatively positive in the US, with November showing strong software sales and an increase over 2013 figures for Wii U hardware, with hopes that December will prove lucrative; the 3DS continues to dominate in Japan, too.

We'll certainly learn a lot more from a global perspective in mid-January (US NPD) and more important Nintendo's next financial results that will be issued at the end of January. While there could be positive results to boast of in Europe, meanwhile, the UK may be a concern, once again; though the latter half of 2013 brought progress, it's often been identified as a particularly weak market for Nintendo. If the data from MCV's annual retail survey is anything to go by, Nintendo's influence in the country's retail space has fallen very far indeed.

MCV polled "over 100 games stores - independents, specialists, mainstream outlets and online stores - to discuss what they felt about 2014", and in general Nintendo had little relevance or role to play in the sector. The company isn't featured at all in a category assessing publishers that best supported retailers, while the category highlighting the most successful game of the year had just one Nintendo title Pokmon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that picked up just 2% of votes. Nintendo earned just 2% of the vote for best quality peripherals, while in a category determining which system retailers thought would 'rule' in 2015, Wii U and 3DS claimed just 1% each. One of the stronger voting categories for Nintendo though still way down the field was a 4% return for The Legend of Zelda on Wii U as the most anticipated game of 2015.


Wow.. just wow. but I must say having Zelda and Mario as video games is keeping up nintendo, not to mention pokemon.