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    Default A message from KaKaRoTo

    UPDATE: KaKaRoTo has released some more detailed information about this release, see below for the latest message from the developer.

    Here is a message from an old face of the PS3 Homebrew Community, the very talented Homebrew developer KaKaRoTo is back (kinda) with an announcement for the PS3 community , I know many of you know this name from the PlayStation 3 community. As he has his name etched into the history of the PlayStation 3 Homebrew Community for good reason due to his many contributions and creations in the community. So what is the developer up to these days? Well checkout his announcement below as he is the midst of a contest. So i will let you read what he has to say about that:

    Hello PS3 fans!

    I have all these twitter followers who are completely useless () and who tell me how to use my twitter (not to "spam" them with useless stuff ) but now is finally the time for you to become useful and do something for a change!
    I know though that most of my followers just want to see some ps3 exclusive info, and since I've left the ps3 scene, many people were annoyed by some of my 'non-relevant' tweets.

    So here's the deal, I've entered a few contests on reddit and instructables and I'd be very happy if i won something and you will help me do that!
    If you help me win one of the contests, you'll get something in return that will make you very happy. Hint: It's a very useful PS3 tool that was never released before.

    So here's what you need to do :
    Go to reddit and upvote my comment : kakarotoks comments on LulzBot Mini 3D Printer Launch Contest
    You can also go to the reddit contest and enter it yourself if you want a chance of winning a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer! LulzBot Mini 3D Printer Launch Contest : 3Dprinting

    You will then go to my instructables and vote for them on each of the contests in which they are entered.
    To do that, you click on that "Vote" button in the top-right corner, and click the "Vote" button on each of the contests that appear. You will need to login to instructables (you can login using twitter/facebook/google+ directly) when you click the vote button. Also, I'm told that if you have adblock, it might give you an error when you click on vote, so just login first and it should be ok.
    I have made 4 instructables here :
    Lithophanes: 3D Printing your photos!
    Build a 3D printed Dalek!
    How to build a custom "bed of nails" tester for your 3D printer electronics
    How to setup the RAMBo for your 3D printer

    You can also go to the instructables contests list and see which contest you find interesting (with interesting prizes) and enter it yourself : Contests - Instructables - DIY & How To

    Once you do all of that, you will receive (telepathically) my thanks, and on January 1st, I will be releasing something awesome for the PS3!

    Thanks everyone!!!
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy new year, etc...

    UPDATE 1:
    Hello piplz!

    So... wow, a lot of interest after yesterday's tweet! A little too much even! So first of all, thanks to everyone who voted for my stuff, this is truly amazing to see all the support you guys and gals have given me! It is greatly appreciated! Hopefully I win something! It would be great, but it's ok if I don't

    I want to make a few points clearer though as I've seen some confusion in some of the ps3 forums..

    1 - This is not newsworthy! Thanks for those who opened a forum thread about it, that makes sense.. but seeing it in the front page news of some websites was a little too much honestly...
    2 - I want to make it clear that I will be releasing regardless of whether I win any contest or not! I said I'd release on January 1st, as a 'new year gift', but maybe I'll do it on december 25th as a christmas gift instead, if I have the time. This would also prevent people from saying "you released after the deadline for the contest so you only released because you won something".. nope, that's not it. I announced that I'll be releasing something AND I also asked for people help for those contests, but it is definitely not a requirement and I never said I'd only release if I won something.
    3 - I actually posted links to the contests (reddit/instructables) a few times on twitter but nobody (not many at least) paid it much attention, I'm surprised to see so much reaction now, I hope it's not just because I announced something ps3 related at the same time, is it?
    4 - Some people didn't like me saying that my twitter followers are useless. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I just meant it as a joke. I do have a weird sense of humor
    5 - The instructables contest winners are chosen by a panel of judges, not by votes, but the judges will only look at the top 50% of entries by votes, so you need to get votes for it to be looked at. The reddit contest does go to the most upvotes (and to the best one chosen by lulzbot), but I'd also like to see some cool new entries into the contest. So I encourage everyone to get their best ideas and to enter the contest as well.
    6 - Someone said that asking on twitter for votes is against the reddit rules (reddiquette) and could cause a ban. Actually, I've checked all the rules and it only applies to posts, not to comments, and the contest's rules themselves encourage us to share on social media. After all, the purpose of the contest is for Lulzbot to get publicity and be more known and by sharing the contest on twitter, it helps promote them (and I believe that's the reason the entry with more votes get a win, and then they chose the best one as a second win to be fair for the creative ideas).
    7 - I'm not releasing right away because I actually need time to go through the code and make sure the tool works, the code compiles, there are no missing files, etc.. this is a tool that was written over 3 years ago (first commit was in november 2011 and I worked on it until February 2012 I believe) so I need to look at it again, try to remember how it works and write a README/instructions, etc...
    8 - I've wanted to release this for a long time now, I stopped working on it 3 years ago but it's pretty much all finished, but I was waiting to see if there would be a better use for it in the future. This is related to that HEN I spoke about a long time ago, and I even made a poll on twitter a couple of years ago and most of my followers said not to release it until it can be used to hack newer models, but I think it's time now as I don't foresee any new developments in that area and I want to release it once and for all and be done with the ps3 scene with nothing holding me back to it.
    9 - Yes, I think it's a useful tool, it includes months of reverse engineering of an area of the PS3 that no one looked at before, but no, this is not something that is groundbreaking, like a new CFW or a way to degrade or something like that. It might open up new possibilities and it will give you more control over your PS3's content, whether you're on OFW or CFW.

    That's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on twitter, I'll also be answering on this forum : (there are many forums and I don't want to go through them all, so i'll just reply on that one).

    Take care and thanks again for everyone who voted for me!


    Maybe we will see a CFW on 3 and 4k consoles?
    or we can acces to the ps3s hdd?
    or he will release the ps3 keys?

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