Didn't know where to put this but im going to leave it here in chat.

This is my first completed poem, i tried not to be to lyrical

Name of poem: My dose of poetry

This what I have to say
About An event happen back in the day
Even though the memory so faraway
I still have the back button To hold down
so the memory can replay, As if it was yesterday, Anyway

Before I started writing poetry
I seen nothing of it, but weird people sharing ridiculous boring stories
I wasn't to hyped to write
scribble's of riddle's for me to recite, so i didn't fiddle
Because actually, too me it was silly
like l really, literally
never payed attention

Until Rakim was randomly on the radio
The words he spoke intrigued me to listen
His words i could picture as a photo, in other words in-vision
It felt as I was on an expedition to another dimension
At that moment I realized, poetry isn't something to despise
Poetry is a surprise, like a GIFT, which can uplift, and open people minds and eyes

Now when I see my pen and pad I cant ignore it
I see it as crack, i'm the addict, quickly to indulge it
Writing until the bones in my hands get stiff
Sweating as If i'm working overtime no 9-5 shift
with rhymes chopped up, boiled and mixed with metaphors
practicing everyday as if it's on my list of chores
I found out ART/Poetry will set anyone free
its freedom something anyone can afford
Tell the youth, teach them the truth
spread the word, don't let it be unheard
thy not let the art get dry or else it will die