Majora's Mask 3D owners in the North American region are now able to download an update that fixes major game-breaking glitches. This update was previously available only in Europe and Japan, but now Nintendo of America has sent out the update for those in the US.

I have heard many who claim they refuse to update, for fear of having the "Fierce Deity Anywhere" glitch fixed, as well the "Ocarina Extra Mask" glitch. This is their preference, as Nintendo is not forcing you to accept this update. However, we have had no confirmation that these bugs will be fixed with this update. All bug fixes contained in the update can be found here.

Images pertaining to the update can be viewed at full size in the gallery below.

Will you be undergoing this update, or will you risk losing in-game progress due to these bugs? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


I will bump this thread to confirm if the fierce deity anywhere glitch and Bottle Duping was fixed or not. I've never performed the Ocarina extra mask glitch, though ; I've never heard of it in fact.