Hello guys! Time to make this thread (I haven't made it yet soo...ya know). We're still working on Bit Runner, currently I'm reflowing a new chart for a newish character movement system. Anyway, not the point. And besides...I can't remember if I made that thread or not. I lose track. Like I can't remember if I made this one or not...oh well.
There was a thread originally for people to "meet Marshy" who is the main character for our game. However, I'm now creating a discussion thread and idea thread...and also a release thread.

So what is Sugar Smash? It's a round-based, infinite, candy wave survival. Why? Because why the hell not?
There's not estimated time of completion since it's just David (my team member) and I doing it, and we really don't want to release a crappy game that's buggy. Anyway, I've been jumping around a bunch in this thread but oh well.

If you want to keep up with Silent Games (mine and David's), which Sugar Smash will be released under...please keep up with us and communicate with us on Twitter and Facebook...


Now, images. Time for an Imgur album! In this album is all the currently released images plus some other random stuff. I will try to keep this album updated with new stuff.
Click here to view the album
(Go to bottom of the thread to view pictures if you don't want to go to the updated album)

Other than images, many concepts and ideas are thrown around.
So we have a few more ideas, and we'll add to these ideas as times goes.
Format: Idea (author).

Current Concepts/Ideas

  • Online co-op (Silent Games)
  • Character customization (stemmed from a Facebook comment & another forum's user's "chocolate and swirl Marshy")
  • Sectioned map - buying new portions of the map to play on (Silent Games)
  • Candy Guns (stemmed from another forum's user's "chocolate and graham cracker bullets")

Don't want to view the album above? Well here is a few images for ya...