So in my PC i have a Corsair H100i Hydro Series cooler, and it is doing well; I have my processor OC'd to 4.4Ghz and temps stay between 30's and 40's Celcius.

Now here's the thing... I plan to jump to a AMD-FX 9590 (yes, i know seems a bit much, but i want it regardless, tryhard me .-. lel) which i am jumping from a FM2 to a AM3, which also means a new motherboard too! and the graphics, well i plan to do a 970 or 980, haven't decided.

Now; i don't think this H100i is going to be as of use for me as i will not only be doing intensive gaming on this, but also wanting to push its limits. Now with this new stuff means new things to power, and cool it. I plan to stick with water cooling, i'd like to watercool the GPU as well since ill be overclocking it as well. but i'd like to see what you guys suggest or some things recommend. always love to hear what others could recommend