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The Promise: (3 parts)
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http://www.filedropper.com/avatar-th...-thepromisept3 (74.5 MB)

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Although the one hundred-year War is finally over, tensions run high as 113-year old Avatar Aang and seventeen-year old Zuko are put on a "collision course" after the Avatar travels to a Fire Nation colony named "Yu Dao", and finds "tension between neighbors" a threat that may "shatter the world's newfound peace".The unfinished conversation between Zuko and Ozai about the whereabouts of Ursa, Zuko's long-lost mother, is completed, but the conversation takes a different path after Zuko asks the question and her fate still remains unknown. Zuko forces Aang to promise to kill him if he becomes like his father, the deposed Fire Lord Ozai.

Negotiations with Earth King Kuei and the beginning of the Harmony Restoration Movement commence. The movement plans to take the people in the Fire Nation colonies and move them into the Fire Nation itself. However, an unexpected controversy breaks out, as the older colonies are composed of people who have never lived within the Fire Nation and have intermarried with Earth Kingdom citizens. These people view the movement as robbing them of their homes. Fire Lord Zuko is caught between the desires of his people and the demands of many who believe peace and balance is only attainable if fire nation citizens return to their country. When the Earth Kingdom army arrives to enforce the Restoration Movement, Zuko deploys his own forces in defense of the colonies, leading to an explosive showdown between the recently belligerent sides and threatening to reignite the fires of war. Aang must decide whether to follow through on his promise, and decide the fate of the colonies in the process.

In the midst of this dispute, Toph's new metal bending school finds itself in trouble, while Aang is confronted with the "Avatar Fan Movement," a growing group of young individuals trying to live as the air nomads did, but Aang views these people as parodying and denigrating the memory of his people.
The Search: (3 parts)
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The Search focuses on the mystery surrounding Zuko and Azula's long-lost mother, Ursa. It is to reveal the details of former Princess Azula's imprisonment in a Fire Nation mental institution and what effects the imprisonment has had on her. The main characters are the Fire Nation siblings, particularly Zuko and Azula. Avatar Aang, Sokka, and Katara help the Fire Nation siblings to find their long lost mother.
The Rift: (3 parts)
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http://www.filedropper.com/avatar-th...der-theriftpt2 (72.2 MB)
http://www.filedropper.com/avatar-th...der-theriftpt3 (72.5 MB)

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The Rift will be shifting the focus back to Aang as he begins the process of creating Republic City, in contrast to The Search, which is more focused on the story of the Fire Nation Royal Family. Yang also plans to give a larger role to Toph, who was absent from The Search trilogy. As with The Promise, it takes place one year later.

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