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i dont agree with being an asshole and trying to steal iphones first off.

A guy i know went to south Carolina and found a phone in a ditch when he pulled over to pee. I assume someone was doing the same thing and their phone droped who knows.

I personally would seek out the owner but he plans on unlocking it and keeping it. Morality aside can someone offer advice on what steps should be taken to wipe it and unlock it to be used (maybe even jailbroken)

I have never owned an ios device so i have no knowledge of them so any help is apreciated
If it's been locked (find my iphone) more than likely nobody will activate it to their service.(may be able to if you have existing account and use the online portion of activation without the use of a human assistant) But, there are tons of glitches for getting around the find my iphone password if it's been set. http://www.gottabemobile.com/2015/03...ase-breakdown/
Yeah buddy. Then you do data wipe. With the data wipe google will be your best friend. Lot's of linux distros add iphone communication support. Meaning you can clear the phone without itunes.
Since the phone more than likely isn't stolen you shouldn't run into any legal issues.(it was likely dropped or got deactivated and user hadn't finished paying for it so they tossed it)
Clear the phone attempt activating it once and if it can't be activated then it will be an app/music device.....(overgrown ipod)
Just remember to tell your buddy that "he bought it from a guy at a gas station". (should he try to activate it by talking to a real person) You'de be shocked at how many times that works.
If it's not locked by find my iphone then tell me which ios it's on. (glitches exist for password bypass all the way to 8.2)