My response:

They're "attacking" white people. You can't really do that in the white media...but.... Because you see black people being called niggers everywhere. My friends all are racist as hell. I'm not white, I'm not black. But jeez I know when white people despise black people. They only sees them as jokes, and they see whites as clean dignified people. And why aren't you calling the white people criminals? They did the exact same thing. And if you look into the Baltimore community in social media sites like twitter, they stat it's a peaceful community and it's being destroyed. The people who came are people from other cities wanting to do "purges". Call those people thugs, but don't put the race in a category. To admit blacks, and whites, and all races evil. That's the thing to do. And they aren't blaming Baltimore on White people, the protests are based on a background of oppression of black people being "mistakingly" murdered everyday, you'd think after one death they'll get cops to take a new form of actions and procedures. The core of the situation is taken by police. And you'll see in a bunch of situations where they don't murder white people. You see in tons of videos where they tackle and struggle to get the white people. They don't wack them, they don't shoot them, and it takes about 6 cops and reinforcements to restrain the person. And the person usually escapes and they're in a chase because they weren't shoot. The thing I'm wondering is why do they shoot black people multiple time to assure the hits? Why don't they ever shoot the black people in their feet so they can't run? It's not entirely blacks fault because usually they riot (and peacefully protest, which you ignore), because the police killed someone of blackness. And when it happens day after day, of course they'll get angry. Pakistanis usually don't act up, though some actions that have been taken over their are protected by the military, some of them take advantage and mock the people over their. And a lot of people from the military, blame the military and the police. And nobody blames Mexicans for drug cartels. Mexicans aren't payed any attention to in the media. While drug cartels are the only things on your mind citizens and journalists in Mexico are being abducted by the government, I think they're more concerned about themselves. Cops who maintain "peace" maintain silence, who appreciate the people they arrest. But it's their job, and they choice to have that job. Some cops take advantage of the job, and harass people. Some cops arrested their own, and were arrested and fired for arresting their peers for doing something, against the law. The murder of Reginald was a small instance of violence that has happened in America, but one speck can't cover a nation. Call him self hating is stupid, blaming his own race along with the other won shouldn't be considered self hating. If you can't find any amount of blame to your own side, then you're biased. And now you're throwing Baltimore the wrong way. You say known of them have criminal records in a sarcastic tone, so you assume every white person doesn't have a criminal recored. His point is that these riots in Baltimore are throwing all blacks into a bucket and casting them as dirty thugs. Calling the black men and women, thugs. When they were just normal things, usually. Like Micheal brown, people shadowed him as a thug. Even when he was proven not guilty. The police confirmed that he wasn't affiliated with the tape video harassing an old man. They confirmed that he didn't steal. They confirmed every rumor about Micheal Brown, negative. He was innocent. In the autopsy, the lawyers and what not didn't even believe the Darren Wilson story. But Darren Wilson received 400,000 dollars to a middle classed man. Ferguson Police Sergeant William Mud, was fired, for being racist...The same man who supervised Darren Wilson. But it's not a race problem. Again to assume blacks are thugs and already have criminal records. That's racist. Basing assumptions is pretty racist, Assumption are from the personal mind. You say that calling them criminals is false, but they deserve it right? They involved themselves in a riot knowing the consequences right? But why assume peoples actions and personal motives by birth location. Because rich white and black people can commit vile crimes, so crime isn't only in "crime ridden" areas. 53% of murders come from black people, but what about the other percent? 47%? That's 197.7 million white people. Black people are 45 million. White people make up 4 times more of the population, but you throw blacks under the criminal status. In the fbis website, you can see stats, like of 2013 of homicide. 3,005 by white, 2,491 by black. 2011 3,172 by whites, 2,695 by blacks. 2012. 3,128 by white, 2,648 by blacks. In these states, murders are more common in white people. In in these stats Whites murder more black and white then blacks on white s and black. People tend to murder their own race more often, even the white people. But to assume the white race is squeaky clean and not the blacks, is racist. To admit both sides are at fault, is the proper response. You then say that white people who defend the blacks, are weak and pathetic, and are white, why not just look at the fact that white people are aware of the discrimination and social backlash on the black race. White people tend to ignore their own history of violence. BOTH sides are at fault. To cast the blame on everything won't improve American as a society.