i've been meaning to ask this for some time now, so here it goes.

recently i've been experimenting with older hardware, laptops in general, and using it to the best of its ability by experimenting with various versions of linux. and i've come to really like Parrot OS.

i know it's got some cool shit with it, but i have no idea where to start and what to use and how to use it. i've used tools like aircrack, ettercap, sqlmap and various bruteforce programs but that was quite a while ago and i'd like to learn more.

i was just wondering what tools are the most useful tools. i'm looking to get into network exploitation, mitm attacks (ettercap stuff), wifi cracking, sql vulns, site vulns, encrypting and decryption (i've herd of zulucrypt and truecrypt)

from there, i guess i'd search up tutorials or ask members on how to use the specific tools.

thanks for your time.