Since I see no posts about the recent news for PS Vita, I decided to post them here myself.

Lots have happened in the past weeks, namely native homebrew support through Sony's PSM dev application which had an exploit in it.
Sony had pulled PSM support, and even made an update (3.52) to null the PSM link application for the Vita. They did this shortly after ending the PSM program due to not a lot of popularity for Android/Vita programmers and exploits found in the dev program. Rejuvenate is the modified replacement to come from the exploits in PSM.

PSM+ is a key generator for Rejuvenate. Keys were needed to sign packages to push them to the Vita and run them, but since Sony ended the PSM program there was no way to generate these keys, they also revoked applications for these keys a couple weeks before ending the PSM program.

EML Generator is what lots of people wanted, a way to write files directly to the Vita's memory card. Not talking about PSP Emulation storage that was only possible before, but full memory card write ability. This means it's possible to unlink memory cards from PSN accounts, possible to hotswap memory cards without formatting them, and even possible to use the same memory card with multiple firmware versions (i.e. 3.51 -> 3.18 or whatever firmware you want).

Things are really moving forward, but lot of the Vita stuff had been buried with the recent news about the Wii U native exploit, which is understandable.

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