Is this one of those codes that you claimed you never released before you sold your gecko??
"I wish I could be so leet". I mean God mode, unlock all perks, aimbots, and redbox have nothing on text mods.
"So now anytime anybody gets on seatown on mw3 they see the name Jacob instead of seatown"...........<---lol
I mean I remember doing God mode on the wii and then getting on my xb360 and it transferred over to that. Whoever made that code is pretty leet too. Because it transfers to other consoles simply by pressing up,down,up,down,right,left,A+b,select,start on your wiimote before you turn on a different console.
But, you took your name and made everyone have to see it when going to seatown. And from what I heard it is cross platform and everyone on every console has to see it......Lol