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Been trying Teemo and he seems like the only thing that works for me. How do I know when the start going into pvp tho?
Teemo always wreck newbs. just auto click and let the salt flow through their dicks. Watch the best korean teemo lol.

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i've played league a few times with a friend. i enjoyed it, it was fun, but it really never seemed entertaining to me. i was just clicking around.

however, i have played many other games that require lots of skill. if you want to get good at something you must practice. spend hours, days, weeks mastering a subject. it may not be healthy but if you wish to be proficient at something it just takes practice.
That's exactly what I thought during 2014 but I kept on playing and I realized I'm dumb as shit and people are way too much more skilled with people knowing everything I don't I don't have enough time to read up every single update every two seconds.