Hello everybody

What do you think about games, is it a sport, an art or just relaxing entertainment, even some people think that playing games is not good. but they don't know that while playing games, there is so much to learn, enjoying the current popular video games which are very popular with many people, especially for children.
Yes, the game is generally entertaining, but it is only partially because the game is a sport, an art for the player because the player must show the skills necessary to win the game. Play for example, a league match or Dota, for example, with a summoning general with 12 skills that require the player to be well versed in combat and apply combos to each match accordingly in order to win. ... or sports games like basketball ... And that's what I call the art of the game
Not only relaxing entertainment, but playing games also have a number of advantages such as helping us to increase our reflexes, assertiveness, more abstract, learning to work effectively in groups ... also for children help them increase brain stimulation to identify objects and visualize ...
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I wish you all a good day and lots of fun with your family and loved ones
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