RuneScape is a MMO with some people spending their time trying to compete for placements on the highscores, although doing nothing but skilling. While even still, others simply spend their time earning as much money as possible through the market, RuneScape's auction house equivalent. In OSRS a few players spend their time fighting each other, and will build new accounts together with the only aim of being used to battle "PK".

RuneScape is unique in some time where games are basically"complete the story then do dungeons and raids". It takes thousands of hours 'complete'RuneScape. These hours are not spent playing with all the time. When I discuss spending 6 hours doing fletching in a day, I truly mean spending 6 hours clicking a few times a minute when watching netflix or talking to your pals. I frequently play other games while I'm doing the more boring things on RuneScape. And perhaps the most important factor of all... Your progress made in RuneScape is advancement made for lifetime. That 99 isn't departing your account, if you get a 99 at a skill.

This progress is not likely to be for nothing. Every quest you are doing, is a pursuit you won't ever have to do. If you choose a two year break, if you come back it's still helpful. No new expansion has raised the level cap. Even if the level cap is increased (as some are in rs3) you still have that 99. Gear upgrades in RuneScape aren't overshadowed by new things that come out so your equipment is never worthless. The most peculiar thing about WoW is that I am back where I began. I might aswell have not played with the previous expansion for of the progress it got me. RuneScape isn't like that. What I do now, will matter in a year, or five decades.

I decided to get membership (again) after being burned out a couple days with the purpose of getting beyond the early grind and to the bossing (or specifically Barrows, that is a minigame), which sounded like fun for me. Trained a great deal of abilities to match all pursuit prerequisites. A good deal of it is afk-able, but nevertheless enjoyable to progress; Completed about a dozen or so quests because of progression (like equipment unlocks). Some are extremely memorable and coming into those places for different reasons recalls those memories (Underground Pass anybody?).

Did my first run of the boss I wanted to learn manner undergeared. It wasn't effective in cost or time, but a ton of fun to be able to get it done and it felt at the end like an achievement. Updated my equipment over time and learned more about RuneScape. Did about 100 boss runs within the span of a few weeks, slowly improving over time and utilizing the loot I got to enhance my gear. Because you build a frame of reference, Every improvement, however minor, was noteworthy. It is really about setting a goal and working towards it, even though what that goal is that ought to decide for yourself. My journey had about 100 measures in it and it was achieved by me. When I'd scratched my itch I let the membership perish, but next time I feel the urge to play with I know that I wish to get to and learn Zulrah. And I can do Barrows to take a rest from working on this goal

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